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Original message: I must say I'm often disappointed, although sometimes pleasantly surprised at the programming choices on CPT12. I look at the schedules and see much repetition. I've seen days when the 90 minute Brit Floyd special is aired 3 times a day and you seem very fond of showing Seeds of Death and Burzynski (spelling?). How many times do you air Brit Floyd and Seeds of Death each month? And how much are you being paid for this? I can't help but think that the Brit Floyd show is nothing but a promo for their upcoming concert at Red Rocks. You did the same thing shortly before their appearance there late last summer. I'd appreciate some disclosure even if it's to say you're not being paid to promote their concerts. The only repetition I really care much for is Charlie Rose, because I really appreciate him, but very often I'll tune in to see who his guest(s) is (are) and even though the schedule I read says it's "new" it's the 3rd or 4th time I've seen it aired. Sometimes Rose is on 12.2 only to be followed by the same episode on 12.1 or even RMPBS. I've lived in other markets with more than one PBS station, but they usually seemed to work together and even though I didn't like everything they had to offer they didn't seem to beat the same things to death as you do. They didn't seem to be concert promoters (as you are with Brit Floyd) or pushing an agenda (as you do with Seeds of Death). They rarely repeated things and certainly never as often as you seem to do and when they did repeat things it was usually something like Frontline or Nova or the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour (yeah, I'm old enough to remember when it was called that). You don't even air the PBS News Hour as far as I'm aware. It seems like that's at least worthy of an early and a late showing. You're not all bad. I appreciate much of what you do, but you air a lot of stuff over and over again that seems worthless. I'd think with all the sub-channels and with the cooperation of RMPBS that it should be a lot better.
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