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Original message: In response to the person who asked about why Dish network no longer has CPT 12 available to its subscribers: I was watching Colorado Inside Out the other night, and one of the panelists was discussing the case involving Dish network and a paraplegic employee they had fired and won an appeal against, who used medical marijuana outside of work hours to treat muscle spasms. The moderator made a comment that maybe Dish's behavior in this regard should be taken into consideration when subscribing to satellite services;)~ It occurs to me that Dish could be retaliating by not broadcasting PBS. I personally will never use Dish network, and will advise anyone I know who subscribes to it on Dish's public position re: treatment of employees and medical marijuana use for qualified patients. If Dish has decided to censor PBS, I guess that would be consistent with its general reactionary position re: employees and medical marijuana. You decide if you want to support such a company.
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