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Original message: If you thought you know Extreme Sports think again “Eagles in the Flesh” Erik Kaye’s newest book is a petal to the metal, party like a Vulture, throw your emergency parachute, laugh till you pee your pants, powerful literary journey. A story about men who can become birds at will, who soar above the spine of the Rocky Mountains and the Misty Jungles of Brazil at freezing altitudes for hundreds of miles, over inhospitable terrain with no engines? Experience the mysteries of modern day hang gliding and see what happens when winged pilots push Mother Nature too far and disaster strikes as they get sucked inside thunder storms, break gliders and use their emergency parachutes. Forgo common sense, with mentally twisted insanity and this wild hang gliding team as they take you places your mom told you not to go, places that give cause for insurance companies to cringe. Prepare to evade and run as these men destroy political correctness and get entangled with Dinosaurs, Brazilians, Bikers, Russians and the Black Canyon while encountering Car Wrecks, Bar Fights, Knife Fights, Gun play, Drug Abuse, Laughter, Sex and Death. The books story line crashing into book shelves below “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “Top Gun”. (A Book Review by, Joseph J. Gleason / JR Hafer, aviation writer) I struggle for words to describe the emotional roller coaster that I experienced while reading it. I never laughed so hard and I was never so anxious for the thrill of flying like a bird in a blender. I know you will enjoy reading this true life story and I would recommend it to anyone whether or not you have any interest in hang gliding. Even if you think you have no fear of flying at all, you will be thrilled and nervous for the outcome of each of several scenarios the author encounters. For a free sample reading click Eaglesintheflesh.com Erik Kaye Po. Box 472 Gunnison Co. 81230 970-209-8376
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