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Original message: I am deeply and truly frustrated by the "Seeds of Death" program. I am a concerned citizen who wants to understand the issues surrounding GMOs and was hoping that this program would be informative. Instead I was appalled by how one sided it was -- truly a liberal counterpoint to a Fox news diatribe (and of about the same analytical quality and intellectual honesty) -- and totally unworthy of public television. I am usually troubled by the politically correct requirement to present both side of a story, even when the opposing side has little scientific legitimacy, such as with climate change. In this case, however, even when there is lots of reason to be concerned about regulatory capture by the industry and the amount of money spent in promoting GMO crops, there has to be another side to the story. It was totally and unjustifiably missing in this case. Where were the knowledgeable and objective commentators? To my mind, the program was an insult to someone who is seriously trying to understand what is at stake, both the dangers and potential benefits. This program only succeeded in making me angry and concerned that the level of discourse is being lowered by a completely biased presentation from one of the few sources that should be providing objective information on a highly charged issue.
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