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Original message: I told my sister that we the people do have the power to change what is on our shelves in the grocery stores. If more people would stop buying foods that have high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, and non-organic produce, then the companies would be forced to change what they make. The main problem is that people like me who eat healthy are a minority. I am not rich, I am living in poverty, but I still choose organic even if it costs more. But many people out there are living paycheck to paycheck, or are living on foodstamps or whatever, and they feel they cannot afford to pay more for the food they feed to their families. So they buy the cheapest foods, which are going to be the processed, unhealthy junk. So because of those poor people, the message is given to the companies to continue selling junk, and the price of the organics amd healthy choices continue to be higher than the mass produced junk. However, if everyone were to do as I do for one year, I believe the price of the organics would go down, and the GMOs and junk would fade out. But the big companies like Mansanto continue to use their power to control the media and everything else. In California they had the opportunity to make the companies tell the truth on the labels of their products, but during the 2012 election, the opposition was able to pump millions of dollars into negative advertising to squash this labeling law. The people in Californica voted to make porn actors use condoms, but they could not vote for something important like truthful labels on products. What a shame. The voices of the minorities are muffled by the subterfuges of these multi- billion dollar companies. I fear that it is already too late because the same people who buy these junk foods, are the same ones who lost their pentions, savings and homes to the top 2 percent who control the system.
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