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Original message: In response to "Seeds of Death, Name Withheld Comment" regarding the persistence of Roundup in the environment and supposedly killing plants after ingestion by cows and composting and the link to Mother Earth News substantiating the claim... Quote: "One simple story of "Roundup" supposedly breaking down quickly after the intent is finished, has lead to Mother Earth News posting stories of gardens, lawns, & produce killed by "Roundup" that did not break down." Please read the article on Mother Earth News. The article specifically names the chemical families of aminopyralids and clopyralids that were introduced in 2005 and 2000, respectively by Dow Chemical Company. This is fundamentally different chemistry than that used in Roundup (glyphosate); which is an amino acid based herbicide. As an amino acid Roundup is inherently biodegradable (food) and it acts solely by interrupting the photosynthesis (I) pathway in plants causing them to starve to death. There have been many herbicides and pesticides that show biopersistence and bioaccumulation leading to detrimental effects on the environment and the food chain (DDT being a leading example). The safety of a product should always be weighed against its value to the world (e.g. DDT helped eradicate Malaria). Misinforming the public about a safe and effective product is irresponsible; please check the "facts" you so loosely use to defend your arguments. Roundup and GMO crops that are designed to resist Roundup have led to substantial increases in crop yield to feed a hungry world. Tom Waldman, Ph.D.
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