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Original message: I'm afraid I have to be very skeptical of Dr. Burzynski's claims... for two main reasons: His results haven't been duplicated by other researchers, AND there's a LOT OF MONEY being charged for his services. I've been following the scientific studies being done with Cannabis... the discovery of our own endogenous cannabinoid system which regulates and repairs many of our body's functions, especially our immune system. Search YouTube for "Cannabis Cures Cancer" to learn more about it... and watch "Run From The Cure" to see someone who's cured hundreds of people of their cancer and other diseases... and doesn't charge a penny for it. Also, thousands of people have been duplicating these results, growing their own "medicine", and extracting the chemical compounds from the plant with a method that's demonstrated in the documentary. Any chance you might screen "Run From The Cure" on Channel 12 in the near future? (I'll gladly send you a DVD)
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