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Original message: I am shocked that Denver's Colorado Public Television would air a program that is so full of untruths. I have been teaching a course on Genetically Engineered Plants (and other organisms) at the University of Colorado for the past 10 years, and am therefore very familiar with the peer-reviewed literature (based on evidence). I am always curious to see what arguments those who oppose genetic engineering are using, and therefore decided to watch this program, thinking that I might share it with the students in my class. However, it is too full of falsehoods, and it would therefore not be appropriate for any class. For a different perspective, see one of the speeches that Mark Lynas (who was a major player in the anti-GMO movement before he actually examined the evidence) has given recently. http://www.marklynas.org/2013/04/time-to-call-out-the-anti-gmo-conspiracy-theory/ http://www.ofc.org.uk/videos/2013/mark-lynas-changing-perspective http://www.marklynas.org/2013/01/lecture-to-oxford-farming-conference-3-january-2013/
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