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Original message: CPT 12 abandoned any pretense of journalistic integrity by hosting Richard Gage and his asinine dog-and-pony show, which employs junk science, paranoid stupidity, staggering incompetence, and outright lies to slander and libel countless people, but took it a step further on April 24. Kudos to "All the Best" Joan for posting the link to the virulently anti-Semitic 911 Missing Links web site, an online cesspool where your viewers and readers can watch a 2 hour and 43+ minute video preaching that the al Qaeda suicide attacks of 9/11 were "really" committed by Israeli and American Jews. The synopsis starts with the enlightening declaration that "The Jew Doesn't Fight His Own Battles," and the narrative oozes steadily downhill from there - accusing Jews of controlling the US government and mass media, adding imaginary perpetrators and motive to Gage's pseudoscientific 9/11 gibberish, and giving everyone with a Jewish surname the first name of "Jew" or "Jewess." There are better web sites for this squalid and contemptible business, so perhaps "All the Best" Joan should consider furnishing Viewer Buzz readers with links to Jew Watch News and some of the other more established ones. Since it's "courageous" (and apparently great for ratings and donations) to present these sadly misguided crackpots, CPT 12 might also consider exploiting more recent atrocities in its quest for a scoop. Both the Newtown massacre and the Boston Marathon bombings have also been blamed on da Joos, and I'm sure the authors of Internet articles on these shocking revelations - who also peddle 9/11 "truth movement" foolishness - would be delighted to become public television celebrities too, and could even enlist some of their equally clueless sycophants to man the phones for you and offer patronizing and specious insights into why we don't drink their Kool-Aid. The rational among us are thankful to the other ~353 PBS affiliates who've exercised better judgment and haven't abdicated their responsibility to present worthwhile and honest programming.
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