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Original message: Hello Tamara Banks on Studio 12 Tonight I stumbled on your show but do not know the name. A WW2 Sgt Clyde Mitchell, Gold Star Mom, and Jie Bosnia Veteran spoke in a roundtable. I am 72, returned Peace Corps in Liberia, West Africa - formed the Friends of Daniel after my service for one former student Daniel Poawalio. talkingdrumwithDaniel We still remain in touch after 35 years - see my Facebook, etc. I write because of Memorial Day memories and honoring our veterans, esp World War 2. First, my late husband was one of fi e brothers from Boulder who served - to my knowledge, all deceased. The eldest Donald KIA SAIPAN 1944. I came across the oral history project at the Library of Congress, Veterans History Project www.loc.org/vets at the Wings over the Rockies Museum. I have referred several veterans here at Heather Gardens to the local chapter APHA square. At Heather Gardens, near Buckley Base, there live quietly many WW2 vets - I meet them every day in my walks ... my neighbor Russ 86 WW2 Navy/Saipan participated in the Vets History Project. He met my new friend, Chuck,85 WW2/Seabees/AF/Iwo/China and on goes the list - today I met on the walking bench B J age 92 W2 and Korea and in the Normandy invasion. Chuck and B J live in the same building B236. Chuck and I are going to the Wings Over the Rockies Museum on Saturday as he has never seen it. He lost his bomber jacket and wants another, for ex. He is a bachelor as "I" so we "date." Memorial Day here at Heather Gardens we have a memorial service for just our veterans at 11:00 am then a BBQ follows on the patio. Tamara, I knew your broadcasting career spanned a while in Denver (esp the African piece) but I moved tonight by the song played at the end of your show, so much and shots of vets returning to Iwo. Can you share what this song is? Something war is color... I am an aspiring writer and just wrote TEAR DROP Prisms of Grief at amazon.com and on kindle. Thank you, nancy j vorkink machin RPCV MA Heather Gardens 206/211 13500 e Cornell Ave Aurora 80014 lifecoach.nancy@gmail.com 720.633.2503 cell
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