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Original message: Thank you for presenting the types of courageous material you present on this station. I like to think I examine the facts as much as possible, and I am not opposed to seeing a new point of view on these issues. What always astounds me is the vitriol which comes from some commenters after these programs are presented. (If they actually represent these companies, it is understandable, of course.) Otherwise, why be so angry about a presentation of certain material and a viewpoint that might not have been presented elsewhere? Frankly, because of my job in health care, I have been concerned for some time about the food supply in this country and in the world. I am even more concerned about how we seem to have the hubris to genetically engineer plants and animals, with no concern over the immediate effects, let alone the fact that we may be single-handedly be contributing to the eventual demise of humans and also multiple species on this planet? Who needs a terrorist invasion or an invasion of space aliens? We are allowing these corporations to destroy our environment and we are helping them by doing nothing. It's time we thought ahead a little! If these products are safe, why no transparency and why no testing allowed? Our legislators think we don't care and that's our fault. People need to speak up.
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