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Original message: actually really like this. and i really want the dvd. what makes me depressed and anxious, however, is your station's inability to truthfully have us call in to the station, to not be able to get the new book they are talking about right now, to have to be on hold for 15+ minutes!! he has a new book "only available on this station", which i cannot get unless, acc to the person at your "overflow center in CA" (? your camera showed your bank of vols almost all just waving & not on the phone! same thing as last year!), i pay $280 for the dvd, book, and bunch of over stuff i don't want. acc to your mailing when we pledged/paid $150 last year, i get some sort of consideration as a member. well, i want the dvd of this show (for $75 pledge) AND the new Gary Hull book they specifically talked about, NOT the Encyclopedia shown. i do not want to give you $280 - that's outrageous. SOMEONE from CPT12: PLEASE call or email me! (i left my # w/ the person, who said she'd get it to Member Services. i am depressed and anxious over this, esp because now i must wait a few days if i wish to call you! i wanted to donate TONITE, dammit.
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