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Original message: Tremendously pleased I found the Mhz Worldview programming this past January, 2013, particularly the European Detective Series. I quickly became addicted to most of them. They are exceptional, to the point that I even enjoy the English subtitles. I find myself frequently planning my evenings around the viewing calendar for them. My personal favorites are Irene Huss, Vares and Wallander (I've only seen the Rolf Lundgren version); with Il Commisario Montalbano and Commisario Brunetti being very close seconds; and Inspector De Luca and Maigret being very enjoyable too. The photography and musical scores are also terrific. This seems particularly so for Montalbano, and to a bit lesser extent, Brunetti, Irene Huss, and Inspector De Luca. With Montalbano, I literally feel as if I'm right there with him; Huss does that almost as well. Feeling fully immersed really adds an invigorating dimension. I have also enjoyed several of the Fog and Crime episodes immensely, though some I didn't care for much. But for those series I've mentioned prominently, I have to say I find them much better than most American programming these days. I really hope we can continuing getting these, and similar programming.
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