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Original message: A balanced program is badly needed on this subject. "Seeds of Death" is not one of them. One needs to grapple point-for-point pro/con; and not deal with 2-hour blast of one-sided rhetoric. Aside from the film and its producer, your station host Sherri(?) did not come across as neutral on the subject. 1. Opposing views were missing. They do not all come from the seed-producers. 2. Unfortunately the term "GMOs" or "genetically-modified crops" has been used to imply only genetically-engineered crops. In the proper sense, all traditionally-bred "better plant varieties" are also genetically-modified [and have altered DNA and their resultant altered proteins]. Strangely, the demands for more exhaustive safety testing of these plants achieved via 'shot-gun methods' have seldom been heard, when compared with the concerns for the safety of plants achieved via the sharper and better understood 'rifle-shooting' methods of genetic engineering. 3. It seems to me that, if a single engineered crop turns out to have unintended consequences, the entire class of genetically-engineered crops need not be damned. 4. It is clear that many citizens do not understand the purpose and benefits of the patent system. A farmer seldom finds objectionable a patented improvement in a piece of farm implement. [Perhaps, a tutorial show on the patent system would be worthwhile programming.] 5. Several arguments in the film imply a cause-and-effect, when a concurrence of timing is only suggestive. Dangerous logic! 6. Only once did the film cite a corporation other than Monsanto as a presumed 'bad guy'. It is interesting to note that two of the others are European corporations.
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