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Original message: My Grandmother was born in Oklahoma in 1900. She lived on a farm and her life was orderly. Monday was for laundry, Tuesday was for baking, etc. Her homemade bread was the best. We used to have it for dessert w/ cream from the cow and homemade preserves. It was paradise!! She told me in the 60s or 70s that there was no point in baking any longer. She said that they had ruined the wheat. This was a woman who baked bread every Tuesday for 40 years. When she said this, I didn't know what it meant. Now I do. If Monsanto is so very sure of the benefits of their products, why don't they put on their product labels that the food inside has been genetically altered? They should be proud of their scientific accomplishments! They are required to do so in Europe! Here, in the land of the free, this information is withheld, even though all assurances from Monsanto is that we are in no danger. If the problem is that the consumers won't buy, that should be a message to anyone paying attention. And, those who are protesting this presentation should be happy to have that info on the packaging, so you can make a beeline to those products. Give everyone a choice! You buy yours and I'll buy mine. If you are in the majority, your products will not suffer! I am 58 yrs. old and I have seven autoimmune disorders. I think I'm done "collecting" these disorders, and then this year colitis appeared in my life. I didn't know this was an autoimmune disorder. And, how strange to know that it is related to my digestive system. Hmmmm.... why are so many suffering from these obscure disorders? And, why has autism increased so dramatically in the last few years. Our children can't eat normal food due to allergic reactions. Why is this so prevalent now? Finally, my Grandfather was a farmer. He also kept feeder cattle in the spring. He loved and cherished the land. Farmers using GMO products will eventually end up with dead fields that won't produce anything. They choose to poison the soil for convenience sake. Poisoned soil produces poisoned food. Poison food is fed to animals and to people. We eat the animals along with other crops. Who benefits? All of this is for Monsanto and their backers - including the Presidents whose job it is to protect the citizens of this great country - to make one large bucket of money. Do you think when the soil is dead that Monsanto will come by your farm and make you whole? Don't count on it. This has not been their practice in the past. It's simple greed. And, those protesting must have their hands in someone's pocket. I cannot believe that they are real farmers taking care of their own land. When the country dries up and blows away, when tornados and floods make a wasteland of the heartland, when there is no ice at the top of the world, when the glaciers have all melted and when all the polar bears have drowned.... then will we pay attention? Or will we leave this world to the cockroaches and the bedbugs? That's my thinking..... Name Withheld
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