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Original message: This propaganda masquerading as a documentary is so full of falsehoods and half-truths that its hardly worth commenting on. However, many people believe this nonsense without making an honest effort to understand the scientific data accumulated over decades which tells us that herbicides and GM crops can be safe. Yes, we must always be careful, and testing must be ongoing, objective, and thorough. But a blanket condemnation of herbicides and geneticly modified crops is totally irresponsible. The claim that Round-up herbicide destroys soil nutrients ignores the facts. We are finding that soil health is very much dependent upon not disturbing it with mechanical tillage, and building organic matter in the soil. New information is coming to light every year about soil health--its the great benefit that comes with no-till farming. For this documentary to accuse Monsanto of subversive activities--with corporate greed as their motive--that compromise public health and safety, is slanderous. In fact one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time, in agriculture, is glyphosate herbicide. It has enabled farmers to produce more crops, prevent soil erosion, save enormous quantities of fossil fuels, save time and labor, control harmful noxious weeds, and improve wildlife habitat. The producers of this program did not bother to consult those who truly understand no-till cropping systems and those of us who utilize GM crops in our farming operations. The doomsday background music, the ancient footage of spraying practices, the theme of death and deception--please! This extremism is more typical of past totalitarian regimes in Russia, China, and North Korea, rather than America. What a poor piece of work.
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