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Original message: Monsanto has no problem in tooting its horn about Round Up, Agent Orange and other products it has presented to the people of the US. But not GMO food products. Where is the pride in its product? The claim that it is totally safe to use by Monsanto does not line up with its constant attempts to keep labeling of GMO's off all products consumed by US citizens. Over 8 million dollars were used to prevent the people of California from casting votes for labeling laws that would have placed GMO labels on all products that have GMO's in them. What is it they are afraid of? People making a choice to NOT use GMO based products to feed their children? Or is it people having a choice at all. How many executives at Monsanto use GMO products or ask if GMO's are used in the food they eat? Why are the people of the US not permitted to know what is being sold to them as food? Are the profits of Monsanto more important than the people of the US having the freedom to choose? Or to control what they put in their bodies and those of their children? The fact Monsanto uses so much monies to pay political lackies and advertisers to prevent the GMO labeling laws to come to fruition is evidence that they lack confidence in their product.
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