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Original message: I am watching this program and cannot believe how one sided this program is. In all fairness to showing both sides of the energy industry and the issue of fracking, are you going to show the documentary "Fracknation" by Phelim McAleer? If you want to open up public dialog, you need to present both sides of the issue. I have not seen anything presented in the film or comments made by your "guests" during the fundraising breaks that isn't blatantly anti-energy. Has anything been said that guar is a primary component used in fracking? Guar is used in baked goods, ice cream, and cheese. Are you planning on presenting any information on how regulations (since "Split Estate" was made) have been strengthened? How many good jobs the energy industry is providing here in Colorado? What about the approximately $150 million dollars that Noble Energy & Anadarko Petroleum paid to Weld County recently in taxes? And what about all of the products that everyone uses on a daily basis, from clothing to drugs, that come from petroleum products. What about the many farmers and ranchers that have benefitted from surface land payments from the oil companies that allowed them to keep their family homes? I was planning on giving to CPT, but I will not do so at this time. I urge Channel 12 to do the right thing and show both sides of the issue, if you truly believe that you are serving the public interest. Until you can be fair you have lost any potential support on my part.
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