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Original message: It's vitally important for people, in Colorado and around the world, to be aware of how horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is impacting our communities, our environment, and our democracy. The oil and gas industry has billions of dollars to influence our leaders, public policy, and public opinion, so you are doing the right thing by presenting the other side of this story. The people who live near drilling have been negatively impacted and usually lack the money to fight this powerful industry and find justice. When they are able to present a strong case, the oil and gas industry has the resources to settle out of court and silence their stories forever with gag orders. That is why we aren't hearing enough about fracking's high cost to people and the planet. We hear plenty from the industry about the jobs and money fracking will bring to Colorado, but no one is investigating the high cost of destroying our water, air, soil, and climate -- i.e. our life support system. We must remember there are no jobs on a dead planet. Thank you so much for airing "Split Estate".
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