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Original message: Hello! My name is Sarah. I am a high schooler. My father told me about what are you trying to explain to the public. He would teach me how to grow plants the right way without using poisons. Trying to explain not to use poisons for it does not just affect the bugs but the earth we live in and us. I never understood all that he taught me about the earth and why he taught me how to grow and use plants but at the age of ten years old he showed me all the poisons that the people created to hurt are earth trying to take a short cut. Changing genetics in other species that surrounds us and hurting the ecosystem or the circle of life.Many call our generation lazy because of technology but I think because no one will teach us about something like this that is affecting are planet and is affecting us.The schools teach us well but does not explain to the children, teens, and young adults why we are learning and giving us no reason for us to learn or go to school but if you teach something like this in school something new. learning about this at a young age and making are earth better.
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