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Original message: You should be ashamed of yourselves. I just finished watching a recording of the program cited above. Michael Moore at his worst was never this biased and one-sided. I have treated over 4,000 cancer patients over the last 20 years, many with primary glial tumors. We never use the word "cure" when reviewing our own outcomes. Having said that, I have personally treated multiple glioma patients who have 5-10 year survival rates. In medicine this is referred to as anecdotal evidence. Until it rises to the level of statistical significance it only offers a glimmer of passing hope. For the record, one of the show's "experts" claimed that NO ONE has survived a glial tumor with conventional treatment. What an outrageous (and unchallenged) lie! This program did little more than send a false sense of hope to patients who are desperate for a "cure." At the same time it maligned tens of thousands of brilliant, dedicated women and men who have devoted their lives trying to actually solve this difficult and complicated problem. I have had the misfortune to work around a handful of Burzynski's during my career. Their one great talent is to completely hoodwink patients and independent film producers. And this is probably a silly complaint, but the next time you bring on a self-proclaimed expert for live commentary, make sure they can correctly pronounce the technical terms of the subject they are discussing. It's pronounced "glee-al" not "gleye-al."
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