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Original message: I saw your recent show and was pleased to hear a full spectrum view rather than slanted like so many media outlets. I wanted to point out the most recent gregarious act by an insurance outlet. As you know Colorado Springs and the Black Forest have dealt with the worst fire in our history. I have lived here since 1972 and never had this until recently. I heard on a local news report that a family living in the Black Forest area had lost their insurance coverage when they were dropped, and this was the second time this had happened. A week before this fire these people were sent a letter advising them their insurance had been terminated. I would like to say this is a remote and isolated issue but I have heard this more than I would like to. I think the one thing that bothers me the most is this, in most cases, is done with out any chance by the parties to challenge this termination or at least find out why this was done. If you think about this it is compulsory for use the owners of cars, homes and such property to pay for protection, we do not have a choice! In the mean time the insurance companies, on a very regular basis, deny claims, cancel policies and still take your/our money. I would like to know when we, the people that are obligated to pay these outrageous fees for insurance coverage, should have the right to make the insurance industry accountable? Not just a little slap on the hand but truly answer to the public of this country for their lack of financial responsibility to those that have truly lost that which they have pay protection for. Its almost like insurance is a long long term poncy scam that has been allowed to go on by the government. You pay a great deal of money, never make a claim until the one time when you need it most and the insurance company sends you a piece of paper tell you "sorry we are will to take your money for all this time, but we are canceling our coverage to you! Good luck in finding coverage now, since we show all information on an insurance information program that is shared by all insurance companies!" You need to try investigating this and find the truth.
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