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Original message: I grew up on a farm with livestock and fresh food. I became a vegetarian for a number of reasons, mainly the meat did not look the same once I bought it in grocery stores. I just started eating fish. I cannot eat wheat due to gluten - I understand the U.S. changed the production of wheat and it makes us fat. Google Wheat Belly. Given I only eat vegetables, fish, eggs and cheese, what is left after Monsanto is allowed to take over our food supply? Of course we should mandate labeling of GMOs. If another country was shipping GMO foods here, the big companies would scream bloody murder. It's all greed. I hope Michelle Obama reads this information or sees this show because women look out for their families and will make less money to ensure they are healthy. If we had more woman in charge, we would not allow GMOs and we would definitely have labels!! It's very sad. Why do we not have a say in being slowly killed. Cancer clinics are popping up all over - I never saw one growing up. My Grandmother turned 101 - yeah for her! I am sad to say I may live that long after reading this information but with what diseases ailing me?
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