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Original message: Hi Channel 2, Thank you for everything you do for the community! I am looking for media help on a big fund raising project that I am doing and can send over a press release as well. Although my family and I have ridden the Tour de Cure, Team QuadZilla is a new team for 2013 our team goal is to raise $20,000 and to have 50 riders participating in the event. We currently have 18 riders and are starting to see some fundraising results but we have a bunch more work to do. Here is how we plan to do achieve our goals: 1) Recruit 50 riders: I expect our rider fundraising to be about $12,000-$15,000. 2) Meet-Up Group: We just started a beginner/intermediate meet up group that rides on Monday nights. 3) Jersey sales: QuadZilla Coaching is donating all jersey sales proceeds to TDC. 4) Mini Charity ride: On July 20th we have a 25 mile ride being hosted by Bike Source on University and 470. We are expecting 30-50 riders for this free event. We have several sponsors lined up and we will have a little expo for the riders as they finish. I am currently working on getting a band and food lined up. The purpose of this free event is to recruit riders, solicit donations and advertise the silent auction. www.thepretourdecureco.org 5) Silent Auction: On July 25th we have a silent auction being hosted by m-pulse and I expect to raise the rest of the $20,000. From banks to bike shops, it is exciting to see all the support that we have had so far. Diabetes is so devastating and with simple lifestyle changes we can make an impact right now, today. It starts with education, diet and exercise. Exposure is our weakest link right now and I would love any advice you have on how to promote our cause and goals and to recruit more riders. Please let me know if you would be willing to chat with me about how to promote more effectively or if you are willing to do a story on about the cause. Wishing you the best, QuadZilla Coaching Coach Brian Friend 303 525 9889
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