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Original message: I am watch Detropia and remembering the motor company/union negotiations as a child.This is definitely telling one side of the story-but the truth lies somewhere else-between stories. The people in the production ask "where our manufacturing went?" It went out with the demands of the unions. FORD said they would not be able to sustain work in Detroit with the union demands. Did they listen? No.Then they wonder where the jobs go and complain about jobs going to Mexico and England. Even as a child, I listened to the negotiations between motor companies and unions, to the comments on each side and knew the retirement plans were unsustainable. As an adult with a felt need to support US industries, I bought Ford cars and put up with the cost of repairs due to shoddy workmanship.My "exploding" Pinto was manufactured in Canada. My friends car was made in Mexico. I listened to the recommendations to check out when a car was made. You had a better chance of getting a car made in the middle of the week. Otherwise, either the workers were hungover from the weekend or getting ready to go out-celebrating the weekend a bit early. I listened to jokes about Ford & Chevrolet. Since I only drove Fords, I remember those jokes: Found On Road Dead, Fix Or Repair Daily...now Toyota and Honda have manufacturing companies in the Us, making jobs for Americans... I finally gave up and have bought Japanese cars since then. There needs to be a series that talks about the whole truth-and how the US demands for higher salaries drove us out of the market in so many areas. It is taking a lot to bring the economy back-and I don't think we have learned our lesson yet. This is true-especially since the big market for drugs is the US. We are destroying ourselves and those who are trying to make it, honorably, are being caught in the middle. Where do we go from there?
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