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Original message: If this were the only documentary on GMO's I would have to watch another to form my opinion. But it is not. It's one of the latest expositions on the overriding hubris of Monsanto and its monumental greed. This is truly a criminal corporation, very similar in their outlook to a tobacco company. They will deny the reality and the self-evident truth of the harm of GMO's, all in the name of profit, and their supposed obligations to shareholders. Why don't they actually survey their shareholders regarding GMO's? I think they would be surprised at the answers. I've lived a decent 67 years on this planet, and I've seen a lot of human good and bad. But the activities of Monsanto in the realm of seed modification worldwide hurt my heart sorely. Never have I known such a cold and calculating enterprise, which ignores the science that warns us NOT to meddle in evolution. We simply do not know enough yet about the consequences and ramifications of modifying food genetics. MUCH more research should have been done before something like this was implemented. Another shameful aspect of this whole industry is how much our U.S. legal system has let them get away with it. Every court, including SCOTUS, has been bought off or intimidated by Monsanto and its allies. We cannot let this continue. Many groups and many individuals must form a large coalition to fight GMO's. Pay attention to the farmers who are forced into using GMO seed and their neighboring farmers who have been directly affected. This HAS to be stopped before WE go extinct.
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