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Original message: We have long since given up on viewing Channel 12/CPT Denver here in the Simms/Bowles area. Even though we have virtual line of sight to Lookout Mtn. we are unable to view Channel 12 except on Dish, which doesn't carry all that CPT offers (e.g., 12.2 and Worldview 12.3). We would like to see the "Johan Falk" series, but there's no chance. This disappoints because we find CPT 12 to be a bit "edgier" than RMPBS 6, even though 12 lags a bit behind 6 in program offerings. But since the advent of digital TV in Denver, 12 is no longer viewable here in West Littleton except in the old analog 4:3 format. The signal is just too weak. True, we could commit to Dish's auto-pay and receive 16:9 digital, we refuse to do so because based on our experience over the past years we find that Dish lacks the integrity to charge honestly and requires constant monitoring for wrong/excessive charges. We learned this the hard way when we subscribed to their German language option, which they charged us for but failed to fully provide. But the real issue here is CPT 12's inability to be seen here, even with external antenna. With that disadvantage, I can't imagine that CPT will ever contend equitably with RMPBS 6 in this area...sadly. Regards, J. Shaw West Littleton/Jeffco
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