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Original message: I am fully supportive of your programming, and specific about GMO's and the food chain. It is disgraceful that we have to do this, when our government should be the watchdog and enforcer. That is surely one area that government should be instrumental. I'm afraid it just shows the level of corruption in our government. I have been vegetable gardening for over 40 years, and my driving motivation has always been to perfect gardening techniques allowing the highest production in the smallest space to feed my family. Starting with Square Foot Gardening, and trying vertical methods like trellising, my concern has grown over the years as I learned and taught my family. Never expecting a problem like GMO's, it upsets me that the canned and frozen foods in the markets are probably GMO-ridden. Perhaps I should just throw them all out? and stop drinking tap water? It would be very good if more programs about this issue could be broadcast, specifically HOW to find out what foods do/don't have GMOs, and what the general public can do to get more attention focused on it (like petitions).
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