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Original message: Thank you for airing this! Food is a constant subject in our household as I have been eliminating more and more staples in our diets and not finding too many replacements. Unfortunately my three young boys are not keen on kale or quinoa! Anyway I was glad that that my husband was able to watch this because he has been hearing everything second hand from me about Monsatan and the toxicity of GMO's. He has been mostly supportive of my tirades of literally trashing food from our fridge and pantry but hopefully after viewing this, he will be a leader with me rather than a follower. It is so sad and scary that we have to work so hard to find real food these days not to mention exhausting and expensive. I am not a gardener but might have to become one! I hope that if we can at least get GMO food labeled, then more consumers won't buy it. I read somewhere that $ 2.6 billion was made last year from organic food sales in this country. That is encouraging. Target is also working on going non GMO which again is encouraging. As far as labeling though, I wonder if animal products will be labeled as having been fed GMO's... Labels are deceiving as many read no hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives. But if animal products don't say "organically or grass fed," they were most certainly fed GMO grains. Enough rambling! Thanks again for airing this.
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