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Original message: I hope that when I watch public television that I will get a non biased view and for the most part - that is true, but with regard to the George Zimmerman/Travon Martin Case that is not true. There has been no one from the defense on your news programs regarding this case. Why not? I am sick of hearing about it and I don't mean that in a rude sense but we have to move on. I do not consider myself racially biased and I know there are people who will say that I am and that is fine. When I first heard about this case I thought the same thing as the prosecution tried to prove and that is that some little boy was walking home innocently and a big bad white man came out of the shadows and killed him. George Zimmerman should not have had a gun. That is the part of this story that we should focus on. If a gun was not present we would not be having this conversation. Were there mistakes, yes, but this case was national because the main stream media made it that way. This boy had issues with behavior and had been kicked out of school and his friend that testified was not an innocent girl we should all feel sorry for. I am sorry if she "didn't" want to be there. This girl's friend had been killed and if she would have represented herself appropriately we may have a different result. And where is the anger for all the poor black kids being killed in Chicago every day and every week. . .there has to be balance. To the average American we wonder where are the jobs????? We spend time on one case, including public television, and the DOJ speaks out publicly with outrage. We should be focused on other issues. We have had a steady diet of this case and now the jury has spoken. I do not think the jury had any bias in this case. It is time to move on.
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