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Original message: A miss carriage of Justice. The Colorado Department of Revenue has the Justice department in their back pocket . To make a long story short I submitted a complaint for judicial review and request for stay and designation of record against the Colorado Department of Revenue. The judge granted a dismissal of the case based on what the Colorado Department of Revenue said. They said that my facts were a "frivolous submission". The judge agreed with the Colorado Department of Revenue so as not to come in disfavor with them. The facts that I submitted are the facts of law, and definitions used by the IRS. The definition in law of liability is a contract. No contract no liability. The Executive Director missed uses this "frivolous submission" when she knows that I am right but doesn’t want to admit to it! Back in 2010 I wrote letter to the Colorado Department of Revenue out lining the same facts. I got two refund checks for two different years that if I had filed income tax returns for those to two years that would have been my refund, but I didn’t file. There is more to this story that includes how the Colorado Department of Revenue and the IRS illegally garnished my wages. If you are interested send me an e-mail at billcantril@comcast.net.
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