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Original message: I would like to respond to a viewer who criticized the Maigret in Finland episode of the Maigret series. Maigret stories were written post WWII. Simenon is a bit the Belgian Agatha Christie. The series were done at least three times in French, and several times in other languages, including a BBC series. The material is extremely rich. The early TV versions were all done with French (or Belgian) actors. You are right that it is a bit strange to hear the accents which are supposed to make the watcher believe that these people come from a foreign country. That ticked me off at first. But I soon realized that movies were done that way at the time. And it is remarkable that the currently aired Maigret series done in the past 20-25 years retained those "naive" 50's ways of shooting movies. It is so well done, that not only the decors make you believe these were shot in the 50's, but the cinematographic technique (shots, dialogs, etc) are in the spirit of the 50s. Everything is so low key... In fact you can see how the various directors of the Maigret series stick or not to the 50's style. If you don't accept that concept, you will not find the series much fun. However, and getting back to the viewer's comment, we must notice that the actors used in the Maigret in Finland episode were actually Finns acting in French. Also, being bilingual French-English, I can appreciate the differences in the sub-titles. I think they are very well done except when it comes to argot (French slang). All in all, an excellent series. JS
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