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Original message: Ok to clear it up on my lack of education as one viewers statement says. I am a farmer with a BS in agriculture minor in agri-business. I am a certified crop advisor (CCA) look it up, and I have been in agronomy for over 14 years checking fields of over 15,000 acres per year along with my own. Of these acres are mainly corn, sunflower, wheat, sugar beets and dry beans. I have a very good knowledge of how cropping systems work and to question my education in this matter is a disgrace. Gmo's help solve our world hunger and to take them away would mean you pay more for that lb of hamburger, cup of sugar, and cotton for clothing. Agriculture economics teach us that food is power and economy not cash, the government knows this. If you do not believe this move to Haiti where food is worth more than gold. I agree that food must be safe to every degree but there is no science to prove otherwise just theories concocted by someone in an office with no scientific or agriculture background. www.gmoanswers.com
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