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Original message: I just finished attempting to look at the tail end of tonight's "Sound Body, Sound Mind" on 12.2 (your open air channel) and really, you guys have reached a new low as far as bad and missing captioning and lack of QA review. Yes, the show moderator WAS captioned but the body on the segment that actually described Cochlear Implants and the recipients was totally WITHOUT captions . . . None, nada, nilch. Was this some kind of sick joke? This could pass as college level humor on "Saturday Night Live" but, at least they are directly attempting low level satire. I happen to be a late Deafened Adult with a CI and use captions at night when I take out my listening devices. To air a piece about hearing loss and the Deaf populations and not even make it accessible to a large segment of that target audience takes a special kind of Chutzpah. I would not be so critical of channel 12 if this were just a one-off but the fact is your station has a really miserable record as far as showing captioned materials right up to the present, with you airing far more non-captioned materials than the commercial channels and channel 6, the other PBS outlet in Denver. I have contacted you in the past on this matter and your responses have sounded reasonable until I take into consideration you actions. Nothing has changed over the years, and quite frankly in some areas the lack of captions has grown worse with the exception of a few of your locally made shows now being captioned (bravo for that!). As a PUBLIC Broadcasting station you should really start following the proud tradition of Boston's WQED, the first PBS or commercial station to offer captions in the US. Tom Mengel
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