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Original message: I do agree that CPT12 is doing the right thing in showing both sides of the fracking issue, but after watching 40 minutes of the film "FrackNation" tonight (8-13-13), I've turned off my TV, unable to stomach any longer the incomplete information and outright lies being told on the show. Perhaps in the remainder of the film, clarification and more truth-telling will occur. What follows is commentary on the first 40 minutes of the film: The claim by the Commission spokeswoman during the first "pledge break" that there has never been any groundwater contamination due to fracking is ludicrous; there HAVE been spills in Colorado that have contaminated groundwater, some of which the oil & gas industry itself has reported. The diagram in the film showing multiple layers of pipe used in drilling didn't include representation of the layers of cement used; cement ALWAYS degrades, sooner or later -- and I wonder how well the pipes have held up when earthquakes have occurred, possibly caused by fracking, and whether the pipes will remain sound through decades and centuries. The film narrator (or an interviewee) said a mixture of water, sand, and "chemicals" flows downward and then horizontally through the drill pipes; he didn't use the word "toxic" to describe the chemicals used, nor did he name the toxic and carcinogenic chemicals used, and he didn't mention that the industry has been avoiding revealing the names of the chemicals used -- and he didn't name the neurological, immunological, neurological, etc., diseases that the toxic chemicals used in fracking can cause and HAVE caused in people residing near fracking operations. The names of the federal legislation that the oil & gas industry is exempt from, such as the Clean Water Act, were not mentioned in the first 40 minutes of the film. Likewise, there was no mention of how much of the gas acquired through will be converted to liquefied natural gas and shipped abroad, as opposed to being used here in the U.S. Further, there was no mention of chemical-laden water (not just gas) returning to the surface, and what happens to it there: how the industry prefers using cheaper methods of partially purifying some of the water for reuse, and how the industry cannot totally prevent leakage from what I'll call holding ponds of contaminated water. There was no mention of how much flowback water is sequestered underground, forever removed from the hydrologic cycle; the percentage is high. No mention of now many millions of gallons of water are used PER FRACK, or that each well is fracked 10-20 times -- or that Colorado, to name one state, is in prolonged DROUGHT. No mention of the 24/7 passage on local roads of large tank trucks carrying chemicals and water to drilling sites, and the degradation of road surfaces the trucks cause. No mention of the toxic gas emissions from drilling sites and the health problems they cause -- and the inadequacy of setbacks from schools and residences, depending on which way the wind is blowing. No mention of the decline of property values that often accompanies the presence of fracking. I was simply appalled -- flabbergasted -- at what "FrackNation" did NOT say!... The oil & gas industry is VERY rich and VERY powerful, and I admire tremendously those Front Range towns in Colorado that dare to do their best to protect the health and welfare of their residents through moratoriums and bans -- and I also wish success, soon, to those organizations that are conducting independent studies of the damage being done to human and animal health and to the environment by fracking. I HOPE that CPT12 will REPEAT its showing of "Split Estate," so that gullible people who have been swayed by watching only "FrackNation" will be exposed to the facts.
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