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Original message: I know you have to present both sides, but here is additional background research on the funding behind and promotion of FrackNation... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/steve-horn/fracknation_b_3384531.html When the right to profit trumps basic human needs, like the right to have your one and only house -- your home -- not lose its value due to smells and noises coming from nearby fracking operations 24/7 -- then we have a huge problem on our hands -- especially since our Governor seems to think that the state's #1 priority should be to make sure that those owning fracking rights are compensated for loss of potential income if blocked by local governments, but makes no such statement about compensation for individual homeowners who have lost the value of their homes -- of which there are many, now, along the Front Range. Colorado is HUGE and there are plenty of places to frack without crowding in upon populated communities. Why would the Oil and Gas industry be so stupid as to "go there" when they could have easily and quietly fracked all the unpopulated areas of our state? Oh, that's right, greed.
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