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Original message: Thank you so much for showing FrackNation. Americans For Prosperity sponsored a showing in Boulder a few months ago. Phelim was there as well. It was very exciting. The room was packed to overflowing, and they had only announced a couple days ahead. Great turnout. I had seen "Split Estate" on your channel a month ago, and wished that you would also show FrackNation. I suggested it to someone from AFP. He thought you'd never show it. My comment was, "They have to. It's *public* television," and this was such an important issue for our state and economy, especially since we have so many people like myself who love the environment, and want to make sure our industries here do not cause problems. I've heard that Gov. Hickenlooper had been a geologist. So he understands the safety of fracking, which has been used for decades. I took a geology class a few years ago. I called to invite my teacher to the FrackNation showing in Boulder. He was not able to come, but we discussed fracking, which he also said was completely safe. He had been a geologist 20 years before for the gas & oil industry in TX, and was very familiar with it from that time period. The public in CO needs to be well informed about this issue. I am so glad you brought this wonderful documentary and producer to our citizens. This is the "public" in public television.
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