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Original message: The oil and gas industry will tell us that there is no "proof" that hydraulic fracturing has contaminated drinking water. However, it fails to inform us that it is specifically exempt from a full seven federal laws designed to protect our health. Oil and Gas, therefore, is NOT required to collect data before, during, or after they bring their industry into our back, front, and side yards. Therefore, data has been very difficult to come by. Without data (or enough of it), there can be no proof. How very convenient! Nevertheless, science begins with observation, and we observe in case after case and in state after state the severe health and environmental problems developing in the wake of this new type of fracking. We can still do studies of association, and one such study by Lisa McKenzie in Garfield County, Colorado, found that people living within one-half mile of a fracking operation had an increased risk of developing cancer. World-renowned Theo Colborn has done research on the endocrine-disrupting and highly carcinogenic chemicals used in the fracking process. The tiniest amount of endocrine-disrupting chemicals that leaks into our environment can cause permanent degradation of a fetus’s DNA, thus causing genetic problems down the generations. We must not be cavalier about this! My main concern regarding this issue is the health of us all, but especially the health of our children. We all need to ask ourselves if we would want our unborn child subjected to these endocrine-disrupting chemicals, or if we would be comfortable with our children breathing the contaminated air, drinking the contaminated water, or eating the contaminated vegetables and contaminated livestock from a fracked area. I know I would not, and I suspect that most informed parents would not. What happened to the Precautionary Principle, whereby an operation that shows signs of causing health problems must be proven safe BEFORE it is allowed in the public commons? CPT12 is commendable for showing both sides of this issue, even though showing this film is going beyond fairness as we repeatedly get industry's side of this issue in our corporate-owned media.
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