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Original message: This afternoon, I witnessed a convertible driving by the hospital with its top down. Two boys, a hispanic and african american, began beating each other in the car while it was still on the road. I yelled for them to stop it immediately and apologize. They looked stunned and scared. Then, I listened to the radio today reflecting on the President's campaign talk about certain races fighting their enemies, not to peacefully surrender. I changed the channel. Later, I had a conversation with a lady and she told me she is proud of her husband who is off fighting for our country. I told her I pray everyday that we win this war and conquer over evil, because everything will be better when all our soldiers come back home. Tonight, I read my e-mail that babies are aborted, never given the chance to live, because lawmakers tell doctors to kill them, at taxpayers' expense. I had to write my senators and tell them to stop abortion and have mercy. I hope someone up there heard me try to change the harsh reality I was confronted with today. I hope tomorrow is better than today.
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