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Original message: Since CPT 12 has allowed more of the same deplorable material from Mr Smith,s pen please allow me to restate my reply to his original message since it applies to his current one. It is handy to have a "decoy" such as Mr Daniel Mueller providing a questionable “missing link” website that allowed Mr Smith’s twisted imagination to link AE911TRUTH.ORGs thorough investigations with anti-Semitism in order to justify the gutter blackmail and slander language Mr Smith is using in his rude messages. Blackmail and slander are the trademark of the weak and the dangerous. Mr Smith is barking up the wrong tree. The matter has nothing to do with anti-Semitism and racism and has everything to do with anti-crime and anti-mass murder. However, Reading closely between the lines of Mr Smith’s defamatory and baseless accusations, that follow the principle of shooting the messenger and ignoring the grave subject at hand, utilized by him here and elsewhere regarding the 911 subject, one cannot help but detect that he has inadvertently equated "Semites" with both. After all how can the memory of the five “singing and dancing Israelis”, who were caught (and later released) celebrating and filming the destruction of the WTC towers, be erased from the world's consciousness? These Mossad agents were initially believed to be Islamic al-qaida operatives celebrating their “handy” work. In addition, how did the former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, merely 60 minutes after the attacks, in a BBC interview, was in no doubt as to who were the “terrorists” and how and what specific Middle-Eastern countries should be invaded as a result of the attacks. I promise I will not reply to more of Mr Smith’s lunatic garble.
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