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Original message: Hello cpt12.org, A friend gave me your website and told me that he recently watched a documentary on the escaped German POW George Gaertner who lived under the alias of Dennis Whiles in the US until his wife persuaded him to give himself up at the FBI. That was in 1984. Later he was allowed to apply for US citizenship. Supposedly this documentary was aired in July or August 2013 on PBS Denver. Would it be possible to watch this documentary online? I collect everything that I can find on Gaertner, have his book in English and in German (I immigrated in 2002 from Germany) and my husband even found a Georg Gaertner documentary on Youtube, but I don't know if it's identical with the one you aired several weeks ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S9dDb7khPg This one is actually a German docu. So I was wondering if you have aired an American documentary on Gaertner. Is it maybe available on DVD??? I hope to hear from you soon :). Thank you, Chrissie
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