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Original message: We are sincerely hoping you will post this event and perhaps include us in your press releases. With greatest gratitude, an avid support of Public TV! __________________________________________________ Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Has Arrived - University Colorado Boulder on October 10th-12th __________________________________________________ GlobalBEM promises to be an EXPLOSIVE informational phenomenon where attendees will gain true insight into cutting-edge "free-energy" and other advanced technologies that will change the future of humanity. In this unparalleled, not-to-be-missed, three-day program free-energy enthusiasts from all walks of life will connect with scientitst, influential leaders, and revolutionaries in the breakthrough energy field. GlobalBEM hosted their first conference last year in Holland. With representatives from 20+ countries in attendance, the organization featured world-renowned speakers and scientists presenting on topics like zero-point energy, low-energy nuclear reactions, magnetics, and quantum disentanglement. View the last year’s presentations at www.globalbemvoices.com. GlobalBEM brings their program to University Colorado Boulder campus on October 10th-12th, with the hope of igniting discussion and activism around breakthrough energy—which the group defines as an abundant energy source that produces zero emissions and is clean, safe, reliable, and affordable. GlobalBEM aims to provide a place for conference attendees to formulate strategies for research sharing, prototype development, and funding of large-scale breakthrough energy products. The conference’s comprehensive presentation schedule will provide a historical overview of this paradigm-shifting industry, its implications and benefits to today’s world, and a mountaintop perspective on its future. This one-of-a-kind event will feature over 30 notable scientists, industry insiders, and creative thinkers in programming tracks focused on the science and future direction of free energy solutions. Presentations, discussion panels, video screenings will cover emerging energy technologies like zero-point, magnetic, hydro, plasma, and cold fusion low-energy nuclear reactions. In addition to the scientific elements, futuristic creative arts will also be featured. Prominent speakers include: Foster Gamble, Richard Dolan, Daniel and Erica Nunez, Michael Tellinger, Dr. Steven Ross, Dr. Garret Moddel, Dr. Tom Valone, Mark Dansie, Dan Winter, Randy Powell, Josh Toms, Mitchell Rabin, Sterling Allen, Fernado Vossa, and many more. A few well-known celebrities supporting the movement are also scheduled to attend. All presentations will be “globally-available” after the conference at: www.globalbem.com. Check out this year’s exciting promo video, event program, speakers’ rosters, venue, and secure your Single, Multi-day, and Student passes TODAY! --- Pre-registration discount rates available until the doors open. Registration and more information can be found at www.globalbem.com/conference. CONTACT: Stefani Paulus stefani@globalbem.us Tel: 480.232.6144
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