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Original message: Just watched your interview with Becky Mizel. I don't know what you call this kind of interviewing: Boosterism, Abetting lies? like Angela is controlled by Bloomberg, who came in with his support far after the battle lines were drawn. Perhaps you could qualify to be a plumber's apprentice. Becky Mizel makes Pueblo sound like a bastion of reason against "Ivy League" Denver. I was born in Denver, and have an '"Ivy League" education, for which I do not apologize. I then lived all over the U.S. and have taken advantage of the education that has provided me. I have seen, since I lived in Pueblo for nearly 14 years (Have you, Jon?) the incredible contradictions of populace and opinion that exist here. Translated: Ignorance. What should be examined in this instance is what the 2nd Amendment says, how that originated, and how it is been interpreted by those on both sides of this issue. You do not even touch that in your great effort to get at the truth in your interview with Ms. Mizel. This all boils down to an interpretation of the second amendment by 2 plumbers and other gun fanatics who oppose the reasonable regulations on gun ownership. Your intellectual integrity is seriously in question. Perhaps you would be happier in Pueblo.
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