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Original message: To the Devil's Advocate, I'm fine w/ voucher's for schools if we can now tax churches etc.!! I should act like a libertarian or republican & since I chose not to have children, whine about having to pay taxes for schools period!! I see a need for specialty schools but not take money away from public education. Oh by the way, your little bit of sarcasm over where Obama's kids attend school, REALLY? Why don't you talk about all those snobs we call republicans & where they send their kids to school, like Chris Christy ( the man who couldn't walk across a field without tax dollars to drive him!!) I'm sick & tired of my money going to religious organizations who are so in the dark ages they'll never get their heads out of you know what! We need critical thinkers not indoctrinated minions who voted for a president that condoned torture while using religion to propagandise his followers & con the nation!Pier Cohen
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