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Original message: Wow. You guys really threw off my morning today. Normally I look forward to a bit of respite while I prepare lunches and get everything ready for my kids while they watch Curious George and The Cat in The Hat. Today however, I got a lot of screaming and crying since you were running footage of an old man advertising his ridiculous book on how to improve your brain. What audience could you *possibly* be reaching for fund raising by running geriatric programming during a time slot that is *always* children's programming? Do you realize that you are *literally* running programming for the *opposite* audience that is tuning in at that time? We contribute to Colorado Public Television each year. Please think about what you are doing and when you are running particular programs for your pledge drive. No one but children are watching in the morning before school. Please take a moment to think about how you are affecting your viewers' lives with your programming decisions.
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