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Original message: I want to thank you for airing this compelling and extraordinary documentary regarding 911. When I witnessed the trade towers collapsing on t.v. news on the morning of Sept 11, 2001, I clearly remember thinking as well as asking additional co-workers who were also watching events unfold in real time, "Is it possible for a building to collapse so perfectly like that?" I was working at a construction management company with engineers and project managers. As we all witnessed the collapse with our own eyes, everyone felt, agreed and believe to this day the buildings were expertly demolished. Thanks to this brilliant, scientific and brave compilation of evidence, it only provides answers to so many questions that have plagued so many Americans and others around the world. I do not understand how people can refute this information. You have to want to know the truth before you can see the truth. Bravo, and thank you so much for your dedication, perseverance and courage in fighting for and bringing the truth to those of us who want it! Thank you!
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