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Original message: As a longtime supporter of Ch12, going back to KBDI days, I was disappointed by the airing of this propaganda piece. I will no longer support my local public station and am now cancelling our monthly membership withdrawal from our account. I cannot, nor will NOT support a station that draws support & funding from the Koch brothers, then airs propaganda such as FrackNation that has the ability to mislead AND HARM the public, people, & our health with this dangerous misinformation coming from this all powerful industry that has PROVEN time & again the do NOT give 2 shakes about anything BUT the bottom line-$$$$$$$$!!! It is the height of hipocrisy to accept funding from the very people that rally AGAINST public tax dollars being used to fund PUBLIC television/radio...or anything that benefits " the common man/public"- yet it is good enough for these hipocrites to use this media avenue they are against when the message is THEIR message??! Amerikans for Prosperity??! Are you freakin kidding me-since when does public tv take on as an acceptable parnership the VERY people that have called for the end of stations like CPT12! Their mantra is always to dismantle ALL public tv and radio funded by taxpayers. I could care less at this point about this crap you are airing-you lost me and my family will NOT watch Koch funded tv anymore, nor keep a membership with you. Let your detractors & haters fund you. Brenda C
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