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Original message: I am a dedicated viewer of CPT12 Programming and although I am completely opposed to Hydraulic Fracking, I am supportive that both sides of this issue were presented by CPT12 Public Broadcasting. Fracknation was clearly a propaganda piece, and a poorly done one at that. I thought it was rather astute that Split Estate was aired directly following the broadcasting of Fracknation I watched, yes, back to back. Split Estate was much more compelling because of it's content of people impacted, Scientists, Dr.'s, etc. Fracknation was clearly a propaganda piece. I appreciate that both were aired, as it's important to keep our minds open with discernment and see what opposing sides to our views, beliefs are saying, purporting, propagandizing. I always appreciate when someone is open and willing to listen to information that is necessary and important but opposite to their views. I consider them intelligent, even if they disagree, but still listen and consider. Too many folks today seem asleep to some extremely important and pressing issues we're facing today, even when there are compelling FACTS and EVIDENCE. They close their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears and say "La, la, la, la, la..." with their mouths. So, I say well done CPT12 for not doing that and giving us the opportunity to use our own intelligence to discern our own truths. Bravo!
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