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Original message: Thank you ever so much [ Colorado Public Television (cpt12.org) ] for courageously bringing to the public, this critical and very significant video profoundly seeking answers to huge questions of what this country is really about, underneath appearances and official propaganda. Think Ed Snowden’s proof of widespread self-serving govt/corporate lies and deceitfulness. Over a decade of my own healing, I have increasingly realized that I have been severely traumatized, mentally damaged, impacted, and overwhelmed by the events of 911, which as an engineer and physicist, I felt even worse that the well hidden ( cognitive dissident ) truth of those events, didn’t dawn on me until a couple of years later. People desperately need to heal, and the later parts of the video provide a great value of directing folks to use and pursue professional psychological therapy, to aid that acceptance and get to a place of needed forgiveness. The wreck of my life mandated such, as it is incapacitating to ignore the need heal. Not that we can change the past in doing so, but that our free and open society requires such. Our humanity and our dignity, demands that we honor the pain that brought us here ( or as far as we’ve come individually and collectively ). We must give up the seeming certainty of blame and judgement, and work towards a process of Truth and Reconciliation ( as did South Africa when confronted with vile hate and receptivity, that had to heal, in order to move on and survive ). I recall vividly the events of that day, in explaining details of the scope of the WTC towers size ( windows about a yard wide ) to the Spaniards I was working with on that day, as a visiting engineer teaching them about NASA/JPL’s latest communication systems — as I was a contract employee of the govt (via Caltech), and had been for 22 years. The dozens of people that day I was with, were all technically trained engineers and could NOT belief what we were seeing, as it was incomprehensible and far outside of anything we’d ever understood, and we couldn’t deny the horror of what we saw and the lives lost. This video provides surcease and comfort to me, in better comprehending the personal TRAUMA of such extreme treason and treachery, perpetrated for mere profit and control of political influence ( although corporations gaining trillions through such vile rapacity, is easily understandable, once realizing that “greed at any cost” means exactly that ). We cannot afford such any longer. As the video begins, the KEY unanswered question is “What we really need to know, is how those buildings came down,” and what is actually true. I consider everyone's FEELINGs about those events as sacrosanct, because none of us has ANY right to question how anyone else FEELs about their lives trajectory. However, because FACTs are defined as a commonly accepted truthful viewpoint and evidence, that ANYONE can verify and support by considering available details and testimony -- everyone has the right and even collective responsibility -- to question clearly bogus authority and nonsense, self-agrandizingly presented as if truth. Our country is in deep denial about the facts of those events, and the putrified wounds occurred on that day have abscessed and that vileness can only be healed by us withstanding the immediate pain of lancing these unhealed wounds, that are bleeding over and tainting every aspect of our lives, more than a decade later. The greater pain is living with the dehumanizing LIES and obfuscations, and projecting our own pains and fears upon innocent peoples on the other side of the globe that almost certainly, had nothing to do with these affronts to everything that is humane. We cannot heal unless we allow the truth to set us free, so we must endure the pain of opening the leaking wounds made to our souls. What's most interesting to me, is that so many people ( falsely ) presume that the official govt narrative ( conspiracy theory ) is more scientific and fact based, when clearly it isn't, for literally many thousands of reasons: For example, as to exactly how and how fast the 3 buildings collapsed. The same official explanation is essentially 'it happened the way we thought we saw it happened,' as if airplane damage, fires and gravity ALONE are all that is needed to know about ( and of course despicable terrorists behind it all ). Which is completely at odds with what is called unencumbered free fall acceleration, where objects can only translate ALL of their potential energy (due to position: E=mGh) into kinetic energy (due to movement: E=.5mv^3), IF there is nothing retarding that fall from height h. So when the govt officially is forced ( by a HS physics teacher! ) to stipulate the WTC7 clearly did fall at free fall acceleration, as proved in the actual video footage -- they are essentially saying that some UNKNOWN source of additional energy ( somehow first ) removed the underlying structure that had held the buildings up for decades. In physics, this is called the LAW OF Conservation of Energy, so it is an UNASSAILABLE FACT that ANY energy needed to deform, collapse, disintegrate and turn to dust the entire structure and contents of those 3 WTC buildings, HAD to slow down and encumber that observed rate of collapse. That it didn’t, absolutely proves that energy was somehow added. This is the key issue of HOW the skyscrapers collapsed, as where did that missing energy come from? It obviously did not come from some cave in Afghanistan, as the govt would have us believe ( w/o a shred of proof ). All of the movie tells us scientifically and rationally, that at worst the buildings would have broken off the top floors asymmetrically, or suffered a few collapsed areas, and the rest of the structure would have remained standing, particularly the 47 core volumes that HAD to have been severed ( at nearly every floor ) to allow the collapse that we saw. Imagine or think donuts on a stick. The energy of airplane's damage, fires that were almost out, and gravity ALONE -- are not sufficient -- to explain what happened. And if in some bizarre universe of there having been possible a progressive design collapse ( as was supposedly observed ), then it would have HAD to have occurred perhaps ten times slower and leave huge pieces of the structure, because the energy of gravity's potential could not speed up the collapse and do everything else. The energy needed to turn steel and concrete into very fine pulverized dust, is proportional the the cube of that size, so where exactly did all of that additional energy come from? And then, there’s the fact that those seeking truth are continually being obscured and stymied by what appears to be manipulative and a continuing conspiracy, that somehow bypasses what we presume are the results of a free and open internet search engine, GOOGLE: See http://westernfrontamerica.com/2013/10/08/search-engine-manipulation-google-youtube-suppress-controversial-911-truth/
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