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Original message: Thanks for using my input about the 2012 real estate increase and was behind some of use voting against Amendment 66. I was disappointed with David Koppel's response (even though many of his responses I like) since the Douglas School District voted down raising their levy increase in 2012 and thus invalidates Koppel's response that people will vote for education all the time. In fact the vote against Amendment 66 invalidates Koppel's response. Maybe I imagined it but on the 10:00 pm News on 11/8/2013 (just a couple hours after your show), Governor Hickenlooper announce that the State of Colorado was in good shape due to the recovering economy. If that is the case, why were we voting for a tax increase? (I wish you caught that and mentioned it on 11/15/2013 show.) To answer Eric's question how ObamaCare can be changed by the President, there could be two ways. The first is that ObamaCare has a lot of TBD's to be decided by the Health Secretary Sebillus. The second is that ObamaCare comes under the Interstate Commerce Department's jurisdiction (to use the Individual Mandate) and they tweak rules and regulations for the person in charge all the time.
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